Leonhardt, David, “The Perils of Pay Less Get More,” Economic Scene, The New York Times, 03/16/10

“On taxes, the affluent can certainly stand to pay higher rates than they have. Over the last three decades, they have received both the biggest pretax pay increases and the biggest tax cuts. But there is not enough money at the top to eliminate the long-term fiscal gap. Households making more than $250,000 pay federal taxes equal to only about 5 percent of G.D.P.
The ideal way to raise taxes for everyone else is not through the income tax code — which can affect people’s incentive to work — but through another means. As Victoria Perry of the International Monetary Fund points out, every industrialized country in the world except Saudi Arabia and the United States has some kind of consumption tax. A modest consumption tax would give households more incentive to save and could raise significant revenue. Another option is to reduce some big deductions, like the one for mortgage interest.”